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Our CPR and First Aid Training Courses

Our CPR course options focus exclusively on administering CPR in the event of an emergency, as well as courses that prepare you to provide emergency life support.

Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID009) – The course prepares you if you need to provide CPR to an unconscious person in an emergency.

First Aid Course Options

Our first aid course options offer both beginner and advanced-level courses, in addition to resources to help expand your knowledge of administering first aid.

Advanced Resuscitation Course Options

Our advanced resuscitation course option teaches you the skills and knowledge to provide oxygen resuscitation in emergency scenarios.

Specialised Course Options

Our specialised course options focus on specific industries or settings wherein first aid is an essential skill to have.

The course provides the skills and knowledge necessary to provide CPR, manage and assess an emergency situation & use an automatic external defibrillator (AED).

The course provides you with the knowledge and skills to administer basic first aid until the arrival of a medical professional.

The course provides the skills and knowledge to administer advanced first aid according to the guidelines established by the Australian Resuscitation Council (ARC).

This course covers the advanced skills you need to provide Advanced Resuscitation and Oxygen Therapy to someone unconscious and not breathing or having breathing difficulties.

The course gives you the knowledge to save someone that has suffered from an electric shock or similar injury while working on low-voltage conductors or equipment.

The course provides you with the skills necessary to provide emergency care in situations involving children.

New Webinars Available!

Do you want some first aid knowledge but can’t commit to the full course? First Aid Action has added webinars to our calendar! These courses are designed to empower all with first aid knowledge to a specific topic.

Topics include:

  • Adult CPR & Choking
  • Infant & Child CPR &Choking
  • Drowning & Bites & Stings
  • Asthma & Anaphylaxis

These webinars will be a short, interactive but relaxed Zoom call that will take approximately 45mins. Webinars will be available at various times, both during the day, early evening and weekends! If there isn’t a time that suits, please reach out to our office!

This is all without leaving the comfort of your home of office!

Cost: $4.99

Please note: this is a non-accredited course. No Statement of Attainment will be issued. This is for general knowledge only.

What is First Aid?

First aid refers to the process taken to help an injured or sick person in the moments following an illness or injury. Non-medical professionals are more than capable of administering first-aid until definitive medical treatment is accessible.

From home to work or even at school, accidents and sicknesses can occur anytime, anywhere. With first-aid, minor injuries and specific illnesses often may not require further medical treatment. More, first aid can help someone recover fast, feel better, and even save lives.

At First Aid Action, we believe everyone can learn and develop basic first-aid and CPR skills. Not only can they provide you with essential skills necessary in your career or workplace, but they also empower you to save strangers, friends, and loved ones in case of an emergency.

first aid action what is first aid

What’s The Difference Between First Aid and CPR Training?

First aid training is a broad practice that teaches you to respond to medical emergencies. One of the topics covered in a first aid course is how to respond to the cessation of breathing or a heartbeat, which requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

CPR is administered exclusively in the case of sudden cardiac arrest. In turn, CPR training prepares you for this by teaching CPR and how to recognize the situations where applying it is suitable. Taking both classes can be useful in the event of an emergency.

Why You Should Take First Aid and CPR Training Courses

Save Lives

Tons of people suffer yearly from injuries or sicknesses due to a lack of quick response or timely assistance. Performing basic First Aid or CPR can double a person’s chance of survival.

Relieve Pain

Providing pain relief can help to prevent physiological changes in blood pressure, breathing, and pulse. Basic procedures such as elevating the painful area or applying an ice compress can help to relieve pain and provide comfort until greater medical treatment is available.

Establish Confidence

Knowledge of basic first aid skills helps to establish confidence and reduce the fear of helping strangers during emergencies. People trained to administer first aid are more willing to provide prompt medical attention to casualties.

Greater Awareness

First aid training automates the safety shield that prevents dangerous situations from occurring. It helps to teach you how to assess a situation and act appropriately, consequently increasing safety awareness in the workplace, at home, and in the community.

Safety Beyond the Workplace

Outside of work, first aid skills will benefit you for the rest of your life. Knowledge of basic first aid can help a friend, family member, or bystander in need of immediate medical attention.

How First Aid Action Brisbane Stands Out From The Rest

  • 16+ Years of Experience

    First Aid Action has trainers with backgrounds in nursing ambulance, paramedic and emergency response situations. We have a combined total of 16+ years of experience in life-threatening scenarios.

  • A Hands-on Approach

    Our courses are facilitated with a hands-on approach. We utilize props for realistic scenarios relevant to client needs and speak in layman’s terms to ensure you can follow along easily.

  • Flexibility

    Our highly trained instructors can conduct first aid and CPR training on your premises for your convenience, or we can arrange an outside venue.

  • Suitable For Any Industry

    We tailor our training to suit your specific industry or business requirements. These include the road, rail, oil and gas, education, child care, medical, electrical and manufacturing industries.

Still not convinced? Here’s a glimpse into our track record.


Individuals Enrolled


Classes Completed


Hours of Training

First Aid Action has joined forces with FMS Training!

First Aid Action has joined forces with FMS Training to collaborate and combine training!

FMS Training RTO 45189 have been upskilling jobseekers in forklift operations for over 30 years. They have a proven track record of successful outcomes for their
students, and pride themselves on their expertise in assisting students from all
backgrounds and abilities. FMS Training is located at 42 Paisley Drive, Lawnton. They are a short walk from the Lawnton train station or Gympie Road bus stops.

First Aid Action will be offering our popular CPR, Low Voltage Rescue and Provide First Aid courses at their offices! All upcoming dates are available on our Course Calendar.

What do our clients have to say?

Brislec Services
Brislec Services
We had Luella come to our office for CPR + Live rescue and she was amazing. She is very thorough and friendly, and we recommend her for any first-aid needs.
Samantha Morton
Samantha Morton
I have been using First Aid Action for many years and for a couple of the organisations I have been involved with. Most recently, in Fig Tree Pocket (4069) at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. We love the way Luella facilitates and teaches First Aid to our team and the sessions are interactive, engaging, fun and educational. The team at First Aid action are super organised and we have built a great rapport over the years. I recommend First Aid Action for any organisation. Thank you Luella!
Jayke Jackwitz
Jayke Jackwitz
Jackwitz Farms is located in the Lockyer Valley and needed First Aid and CPR training updated. We reached out to Luella and she did not hesitate to travel the distance to accommodate us. What a day it was !!. We all had the best training and walked away so much more confident and could not believe how professional but fun the day was. Thanks Luella, for a great day.
Stella Eastman
Stella Eastman
My 15yo daughter completed her First Aid and CPR qualifications with Luella, working her way towards becoming a swim instructor. With Luella’s experience and gentle instruction, she is well on her way to reaching her goal. The programs cover everything she needs to know on how to save a life, including theory to hands-on practical training. An excellent investment - if you are in Redcliffe (QLD) I highly recommend anyone, young or old, allow Luella and her team to teach you this important life(saving) skill.
Kylie Graham
Kylie Graham
I went to a first aid training course at Redcliffe where Luella from First Aid Action taught us EVERYTHING we need to know and in a way that helps me remember it for a lifetime!
Lily Wang
Lily Wang
Very friendly and informative
Krissy McKenzie
Krissy McKenzie
Luella is a great trainer. We have been consistently pleased with her efficient, yet in-depth and fun training sessions. So convenient that she can come to us! Highly recommend.
Sandi Shuttleworth
Sandi Shuttleworth
Highly recommend this course presented by Luella, she was an excellent facilitator - keeping everyone engaged, on track and the 'what ifs' to a minimum. Just exceptional!! I wouldn't go anywhere else.
Celia Lee
Celia Lee
The best and fun first aid course I've been to. I did not yawn once (yayy). Luella is very knowledgeable and a great presenter. DRSABCD, BBBB, SAMPLE,...etc. all the practical and useful information that she taught us, I will not forget. Strongly recommend everyone to attend her class.
Ben Thomson
Ben Thomson
Great course and brilliant facilitator. Luella is very knowledgeable and delivers a very detailed and comprehensive course. She instills confidence in all participants and makes it an enjoyable experience to learn how to potentially save a life.

Childen’s Book Teaching First Aid Skills Available Now!

Adventurous Children’s Book Teaching First Aid Skills – Book One AVAILABLE NOW!

This is a series of educational books to teach children basic first aid skills in an adventurous and interactive way. Finlay has launched his website to coincide with the books. The website aids children to learn basic First Aid skills through activities, blogs from Finlay and more.

Finlay the First Aid Bear Website

Available now through Amazon


FInlay the First Aid Bear - Kids first aid book

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First Aid Action offers the most comprehensive Nationally Recognised first aid and CPR training courses. Enquire about your training today.

First Aid Training & the Great Outdoors of Redcliffe

First Aid Training & the Great Outdoors of Redcliffe

The Easter holidays are nearly here, and families are already planning their Easter getaway.

Outdoor family activities include hiking, caravanning or camping around our Great Southeast’s beautiful beaches and bushland, or maybe you’re staying home to catch up on home maintenance.  Whether you plan to head away into the great outdoors, or stay home – accidents do happen. This could be small cuts or scrapes while hiking and camping; fishing hook injuries to hands and fingers; or sunburn and dehydration after a day at the beach or pool. It’s important to treat small injuries properly, before they turn into big problems.

In emergency situations, being equipped with basic First Aid training and knowledge can save a life.

During the relatively short break, accidents can happen so quickly when you, or someone else, is distracted. Every minute counts in a crisis, so ahead of the upcoming School holidays we are urging those living in the Redcliffe area to get trained in First Aid.

Remember that First Aid is intended to be initial care given in an accident or emergency, until qualified medical care is available.

  • Heading out on the road? The latest statistics show 85% of road accident fatalities could be avoided by administering basic First Aid before Paramedics arrive. During a cardiac arrest those who receive bystander CPR have a higher survival rate than those who do not receive treatment.
  • Staying home over the holidays? Many Queenslanders use the time at home to work on those much overdue DIY tasks. Reflecting the Great Aussie DIY attitude, recent data from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare show 6,600 Australians were hospitalised last year after falling from a ladder, and 17,000 were injured after using tools or machinery.
  • Planning on Camping, Caravanning, or Bush-Walking? Even in the great outdoors it is so important to be prepared, with 29,900 Australians treated in hospital for bites, stings, and sporting injuries last year alone.
  • Swimming in pools or natural water courses? It’s estimated that a majority of drowning incidents are preventable, and that understanding the Drowning Chain of Survival may significantly improve outcomes in case of emergency.

So what can you do to be prepared for any emergency as Easter approaches?

First – make sure you have an appropriate first aid kit on hand. Kits are readily available and can be customised for your individual situation. The kits will also vary in contents and size depending on risks and hazards, potential and likely injuries, and location. First aid kits should include resources for administering first aid for:

  • Minor wounds, cuts & grazes
  • Control of serious bleeding
  • Soft tissue injuries (sprains & strains)
  • Eye injuries
  • Splinters
  • Minor burns

There’s even some unconventional, yet highly useful items you can take with you, which might even save you a trip to hospital.

  • Tampons – many women keep these handy, but they can also save the day in some emergencies. You may laugh at this hack, but tampons are very absorbent, and can be used to pack bleeding wounds, or slow severe nosebleeds.
  • Large towel – this multipurpose item is great to keep in your car for any emergency. From sudden rain, to motion sickness, to car crashes, a clean towel in your first aid kit will be invaluable if someone has a large injury. Those tiny gauze squares often just aren’t enough to help compress and control bleeding. If the cut is on an extremity, you can wrap the towel around it and apply pressure to the cut. In other cases, you can fold the towel several times and apply direct pressure.
  • Portable phone charger –particularly if you’re travelling to a remote area, stashing a portable phone charger allows you to recharge mobile devices if you get stuck without access to electricity. Your mobile device allows you to call for help, or access GPS to find your nearest hospital or doctor.
  • Bottled water – No matter how short or long your trip is, make sure you have a few bottles of water in with your medical supplies. Rehydrating is just the beginning—the water can also be used for wound irrigation or making a cool compress for abrasions or small burns. It also serves as an eye flush in case you get dirt, sunscreen, or worse in your eye.

Second, and most importantly – make sure you have the education and skills to use your first aid kit properly.

First Aid Action offers an extensive range of First Aid courses and refreshers, teaching you the skills and techniques to treat shock to stings, and everything in between.

Short of time? No problem! Accredited training takes one day, or just six hours with pre-learning options available. There’s still time before the next school holidays!

We offer training in locations across South East Queensland, from Brisbane to the Gold Coast, and most recently in Redcliffe. Click this link to view our public course schedule.

Brand New Public Venue

We are excited to announce that we have a brand new public course Venue in North Brisbane!

We will be training Provide First Aid, CPR and Low Voltage Rescue Courses at the Redcliffe PCYC!

Head to our Course Calendar tab for all our upcoming dates and information!

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